Thursday, 21 January 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior design trends change all the time. The team at Y273 have conducted interviews with a number of people involved with building and supplying interiors.

Here is the feedback we got:

First from Galbraith Construction Donegal builders who says that people are building moderately sized houses in order to make them easy to heat. As a result, this makes them more efficient and will help to reduce costs.

This is an interesting development for those in the interior design sector. There is a need for more petite furnishings to be created by the top designers.

We then looked at bathroom suites to see what were the latest trends in that line.
Again we found from talking to the team at McDaids, the leading bathroom supplier that in fact, they are seeing a lot of sales for the more compact suites.

In our conclusion, it is a fact that interior design trends in 2016 that the compact designs.

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